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Casio G-Shock GREEN Watch

casCasio is the latest big company name to step into the green world. They have recently come out with a line of three different green watches that are all sustainable by way of their power source which is drawn from renewable energy such as solar power.


Perhaps the coolest of the three is the new limited edition G-Shock eco-friendly fashion piece that is of course GREEN in color. As with all other G-Shock watches made since 1983, the GREEN G-Shock is extremely durable, only this G-Shock is good for the environment too.


This particular watch comes in a box made of recycled paper and uses light sources to power itself and recharge its battery. If left in the dark, it turns off to conserve energy and then pops to life when shown the light. Casio says that the solar power of the sun is enough to power this watch even if there is no battery at all in the watch. Very cool and very green! thinks this new line of Casio eco-savvy watches is a great way to look fashionable and be Earth smart at the same time. Additionally, by wearing an eco-friendly watch and checking the time all day long you can be reminded about the green movement with every glance.


Please learn more about this eco-friendly wristwatch by clicking here.

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