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Giving your old leather belts a new lease on life

beltNothing beats the look of a brand new leather belt. Unfortunately, like every other fashion accessory, leather belts get worn out and eventually tear, rip, or break. So what do you do, throw them away?

By using some imagination and some scissors and glue, the eco-friendly designers at Greenbelts have come up with a way to give old leather belts a new lease on life. Their products include recycled and upcycled leather belts that are used to make such products as bracelets, anklets, dog collars, and much more. Their designs are unique and almost all the materials used are done so via upcylcing and recycling.

Because these items are made with materials that have already impacted the environment, they represent some of the greenest products around. is intrigued by the ingenuity and thought that goes into each piece sold by Greenbelts and urges everyone to take a look for themselves.

If more companies would follow the lead of these green pioneers our planet would be in a much better state of being. It was one thing when man kind didn’t know any better, but we do now. With that in mind there is no excuse to buy products that are not of the greenest quality.

The planet cannot save itself nor can one or two people do it alone. Instead we must all band together and work with eco-friendly companies such as Greenbelts in order to make a difference.

To see all of Greenbelts’ unique designs click here.

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